Earlier in 1989, Mr. Huang Zhongjing discovered the huge business opportunity in diamond tool industry by his discriminating eyes and decided to get on in business finally. Then he established Kaiyuan Zhongzhi diamond tool company which was the predecessor of Zhongzhi, and have begun his national industry development.

Supported by the technical institute of higher education, Kaiyuan diamond tool company grew rapidly in diamond tool field. In 1993, the management changed the name Kaiyuan Zhongzhi to Quanzhou Zhongzhi Diamond Tool Co., Ltd, and moved the factory to Wan’an industrial zone which covers over 10,000 square meters.

In 1997, the outburst of Southeast Asian financial crisis put forward new request to diamond tools. Zhongzhi jumped at the chance again and successfully leaped into the front rank of China diamond tool field. At the same time, Zhongzhi have begun its own way to work for diamond tool diversification.

In 2000,Zhongzhi seized the great business opportunity after China entering WTO. Firstly, Zhongzhi led the reform in diamond tool field by breaking traditional sale mode. Then, we set up import & export department to expand overseas market which means the beginning of our globle expanding strategy.

In 2001,under the new market direction, our production capacity and profits grew rapidly, which consolidate Zhongzhi’s important position in diamond tool field.
   Zhongzhi’s rapid growth and ‘union is strength’ culture attract large talents, so as to set a solid foundation for Zhongzhi’s future development.

 In 2004, the diamond segment‘∧’‘∨’alternating welded blade was authorized as Utility Model Patent by the State Intellectual Property Office.

In 2005, Zhongzhi got the ISO9001:2000 certificate and was authorized by UKAS. Same in 2005, the diamond segment‘∧’‘∨’alternating welded blade won ‘2005 Quanzhou Silver Patent’.

 In 2006, our company was regarded as High-tech Enterprise by Technology Department in Fujian Province.

 In July 2006, we set up Resin-polishing factory specilized in researching and producing diamond resin tool.

In November 2007, ‘Zhongzhi’ brand has been assessed as Fujian Famous Brand.

In November 2007, we set up Engeneering Project factory specilized in construction products which symbolized the start of multi-fields strategy.

In April 2008, we set up Iron-segment factory. From then on, the enhanced production capacity allows us to meet the increased requirements from customers.

In July 2008, we are approved the request of 33,350 square meters land to plan the new factory, and will be put into use in 2011.

 In 2008, our new innovation’Diamond Double Turbo Grinding Wheel’ has won the fist class of Science and Technology Progress Reward.

 In the early of 2009, we has extended the coverings of new factory with 7,204 square meters.

In 2009, we import CIS. With this system, more and more people know Zhongzhi and Zhongzhi brand.
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